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Shay Mitchell Hottest Pictures Of The Best Woman Alive

Shay Mitchell Hottest Pictures Of The Best Woman Alive 30

Let’s take a look at Shay Mitchell hotter than ever photos, her unique style and life today.

Who Is Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is a Canadian- Filipino actress, model, entrepreneur, and author. She rose to stardom starring as Emily Fields in the Freeform TV series Pretty Little Liars (2010 – 2017). You can catch that here.

Shay Mitchell Hot Off The Press Biography

Shay Mitchell Date of Birth – 10 April 1987

Shay Mitchell Nicknames – Shannon Ashley Mitchell, Shannon ‘Shay’ Mitchell, Shay Mitch , Shay Buttah , Shannon Ashley “Shay” Mitchell

Shay Mitchell Age – 34 Years Old

Shay Mitchell Parents – Precious Garcia (Mother) – Her Mother Is Filipina . She left the Philipines at the age of 19 and is from the province of Pampanga.

Mark Mitchell (Father) – Her Father is of Iris and Scottish descent.

Shay Mitchell Siblings – Younger sibling Sean (Brother).

Born October 4th, 1996. Age 25. Zodiac Sign Libra. Birthplace Canada

Shay Mitchell Relatives – Lea Solonga ( First Cousin) Singer and Musical Theatre

Shay Mitchell Zodiac Sign – Aries

Shay Mitchell Height – 1.71 in meters, 171 in Centimeters, 5. 7 in Feet/ Inches

Shay Mitchell Weight – 60 kg or 132 pounds

Shay Mitchell Body Measurements – 37-25-34 inches or 94-63.5-86 cm

Shay Mitchell Bra Size – 36B

Shay Mitchell Feet Size – 8.5 US

Shay Mitchell BoyfriendMatte Babel

Shay Mitchell Awards – For her work in Pretty Little Liars from (2011 to 2017)

In 2011, she won the Young Hollywood Awards and was nominated for the Youth Rock Award in the category Rockin’ TV Actress.

In 2014, She was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in the category Choice Summer TV Star – Female.

In 2015, She was nominated for the MTV Fandom Awards in the category, Ship Of The Year which she shared with Sasha Pieterse-Sheaffer . And the Teen Choice Awards for the category Choice Summer TV star – Female.

In 2016, People’s Choice Awards In the category Favorite Cable Actress.

In 2017, Teen Choice Awards, In the Category Choice TV Actress, and Choice TV Ship shared with Sasha Pieterse – Sheaffer.

Shay Mitchell Net Worth – According to, In the article. Shay Mitchell’s Travel Brand Celebrates A Mega-Successful First Year, Shay Mitchell is way on the way to more than $20 million in profitable revenue.

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Are Shay and Matte Still Together?

Yes, Shay and Matte are still together.

They have a baby daughter now who was born on the 8th of October, 2019. And her name is Atlas Noa Babel.

In a talk with Us weekly the Star, Shay Mitchell stated –

“It is a lot at times. And I think that too can go on ebbs and flows,” the actress, 33, exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, January 15. “One minute I’m like, ‘You stay on this side of the bedroom, I’ll be on this side, do not cross this line.’ You know? And then other days I’m like, ‘Oh, this is awesome. I feel very grateful that I have you here to watch this Netflix show.’ You know what I mean? So it comes in ebbs and flows for sure.”

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, The star also stated how much she loved weddings for other people. However, at the time, referring to marriage. She says below:

“And I love weddings, love weddings. I can watch them all day long. I love attending, I love being a part of my friends’ [weddings], anybody’s to be quite honest. It’s just not something I care for myself and it’s something that Matte and I have spoken about.”

What Movie Was Shay Mitchell In?

  • Treses- Alexandra Trese – 2021 Post Production
  • The Heiresses – Pilot – 2019
  • Dollface – Stella Cole – TV Series – 2019
  • The Possession of Hannah Grace – Megan Reid – 2018
  • You – Peach Salinger – TV Series – 2018
  • Pretty Little Liars- Emily Fields – Seasons 1 – 7 – 2010 – 2017 Watch On Amazon Prime Free Trial
  • Logan Paul Feat. Why Don’t We: Help Me Help You – Girlfriend – (Video short) – 2017
  • King Bachelor’s Pad- Beauty – TV Series – 2017
  • Nick Jonas: Under You– Shay Mitchell -(Video Short) 2016
  • Dreamland – Nicole – 2016
  • Mother’s Day – Tina – 2016
  • Immediately Afterlife -Marissa- 2014
  • Glee (TV Series) Britney 2.0 – 2012 (Girl In the Yellow Jacket)
  • Aaron Stone (TV Series) Irina Webber – 2010
  • Rookie Blue (TV Series) Cute Girl – 2010
  • Verona (Short) Model – 2010
  • Sean Paul Hold My Hand (Video short) Love Interest – 2009
  • Degrassi – The Next Generation (TV Series) Model – 2009
  • Cupid’s Cafe (Video short) Allison – 2008

Shay Mitchell Quotes

  • “I’m definitely a girly-girl and I love playing with fashion, but at the same time I will go skydiving with you tomorrow.”
  • “Growing up, I wish I hadn’t tried so hard to fit in. I’d tell myself to just embrace what you were born with because it’s beautiful and you were made like that for a reason. It’s tough being a girl. I think we need all of the support we can get.”
  • Age is really just a number to me and means every year I get to experience so much more.
  • “It’s important to wake up everyday and remind yourself what you’re working towards. You create your own life, it’s not set out there for you.”
  • We all have to find beauty within us, as opposed to just our exterior.
  • “Personally, I don’t really have a set style or look. It’s pretty much what I feel like wearing that day, from a floral-print dress and high heels to ripped jeans and army boots.”
  • “Embrace what you were born with because it’s beautiful.”
  • “If you can make me laugh, my heart is yours! I think there’s nothing more attractive than someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.”
  • I’m more comfortable in heels than I am in sneakers.
  • “Why would I try to change who I look like, what my race is? No. No no no. You are beautiful because that’s the skin you were born with. Love it. And be proud of it.”


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