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You are currently viewing How Do Solo Travellers Take Pictures Of Themselves (A Quick Guide)

How Do Solo Travellers Take Pictures Of Themselves (A Quick Guide)

If you’re travelling solo as a female and you want to capture some epic moments without feeling uncomfortable about asking strangers to take your photos? You’re in the right place.

As a female solo traveller you may not want to draw so much attention to yourself but you need to take some beautiful shots.

Here are my suggestions to get you those social media worthy shots.

 solo female traveler taking beautiful pictures of herself

How Do Solo Travellers Take Pictures Of Themselves?

Solo Travel Photography

Before you set off on your solo adventure, especially as the lady boss female traveler you are, whether it’s as a backpacker or a girl on a luxe getaway, it’s essential to know how to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments on your own.

Solo female travel is an empowering experience, filled with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and unforgettable experiences.

But one of the challenges is taking photos that truly capture the essence of your journey when there’s no one else to help you snap that perfect shot.

From choosing the right travel gear and mastering the art of the selfie to finding the best travel photography tips for solo female adventurers.

a beautiful woman taking pictures away from harsh sunlight solo travelling

Essential Travel Photography Gear

Choosing Your Travel Camera

Picking the right camera or smartphone for snapping pics on your travels is super important.

You want something that’s easy to carry but still takes amazing photos, right?

Check out the Sony RX100. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket but snaps pics like a pro.

Or, if you’re more of a phone photographer, the iPhone 13 for best value or the iPhone 15. Imagine having a device in your pocket that’s not just a phone, but a powerhouse camera ready to document every step of your journey.

The iPhone 15, with its rumored top-notch camera capabilities, could be a game-changer for travel photography.

Both these choices are total winners for female solo travelers.

They’re easy to use, pack a punch in the photo quality department, and are perfect for sharing those travel moments with friends, family or on your WhatsApp status, Instagram or YouTube.

Tripods for Solo Travelers

For solo travelers, a portable tripod is pretty much a game-changer when it comes to taking photos.

Let’s talk about why something like the GorillaPod is a must-have in your travel gear.

Imagine this ladies: You’re standing in front of a breathtaking landscape, and you want to capture not just the scene but also the thrill of being there yourself.

That’s where a tripod steps in. The GorillaPod, with its flexible, wrappable legs, allows you to secure your camera or smartphone to almost anything e.g, trees, railings, or rocks.

It means you can set up the perfect shot, even in the most unusual or remote locations.

What’s really cool about using a tripod like the GorillaPod is the freedom it gives you. You’re no longer limited to selfies or asking strangers for help.

You can take your time to frame the shot just right, experiment with different angles, and even venture into long-exposure photography to capture stunning night skies or beautiful city lights.

Plus, tripods make using features like time-lapse or slow-motion video a breeze.

In short, a portable tripod is an indispensable tool for solo travelers wanting to up their photography game.

It not only enhances the quality and creativity of your photos but also ensures you’re part of the adventure, capturing memories that truly reflect the spirit of a female solo traveler.

solo female traveler smiling and enjoying pictures she's taking

Selfie Photography Tips

Lighting Is Everything

  • Natural light is your best friend. Try to take your selfies when the sun is not too harsh. Early morning or late afternoon is perfect.
  • Stand so that the light is shining directly on your face. This helps light up your features and keeps shadows away.
  • Midday sun can be too strong and create dark shadows. If you’re out and about at this time, find a spot in the shade.
  • There’s this thing called the ‘golden hour,’ right after sunrise or just before sunset. The light is soft and golden, making everything (especially you) look gorgeous.
  • Indoor Tips: Near a window is the spot to be when you’re indoors. Turn off harsh indoor lights and let the natural light from the window take over.
  • Experiment: Move around and see how different angles of light change your photo. Sometimes, just a slight turn can make a huge difference.

Quick Tip: Remember, playing with light is like adding seasoning to food. It’s all about finding the right balance to bring out the best in your shots.

Backgrounds Tell a Story

  • A busy or cluttered background can take the attention away from you. Look for simple, clean backgrounds that make you the star of the photo.
  • Your background should hint at where you are or what you’re doing. A beach, a famous landmark, or even a colorful street can add a lot of interest to your photo without overpowering it.
  • Watch out for things in the background that can look odd (like a tree appearing as if its growing out of your head).
  • If your camera or phone has a portrait mode, use it. Blurring the background slightly can make you stand out more and gives the photo a professional feel.
  • Nature makes an incredible backdrop. A park, garden, or just a clear sky can make your selfie pop with color and looks vibrant.
  • Cityscapes, walls with graffiti, or architectural details can add a cool vibe, to your shots.
  • Remember, the lighting in your background is just as important. Too much backlight can leave you in the shadow, so look for a well-lit backdrop.
  • Sometimes, just changing your angle a little as I’ve said can transform a bland background into something really beautiful.

Posing Like A Pro

  • Everyone has a side they prefer in photos, so find your best side and put it to work.
  • Hands can be awkward, so give them something to do. You can put them on your hips, in your pocket, or naturally touch your face like you’re telling the world, you are who you think you are.
  • Instead of standing flat on both feet, put your weight on one leg. It gives you a more relaxed and natural look to the pose.
  • Tilting your head slightly or changing the angle of your body can make a big difference. Look for what flatters you the most.
  • Smile with your eyes and give it that oomph. Even if you’re going for the more serious look, having a little sparkle in your eyes can bring a bit of warmth and personality to the picture.

Quick Tip: Spend some time in front of a mirror trying different poses. It’s the best way to see what looks good and feels more confident for you when you want to take pictures.

a lady boss female solo traveller taking a picture with her yellow jumpsuit and towel around her neck

How Do Solo Travellers Take Pictures Of Themselves?

So, female solo traveller you’re all set with tips and tricks to take those stunning solo travel moments.

You have photo tips on finding the perfect light to how to choose your background the right way, and posing like a pro.

Remember, every photo you take is a piece of your adventure, a memory captured in time. And now, you’ve got the skills to make each of those memories shine.

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Important Solo Travel Resources

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