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How Do You Manifest New Friend Affirmations? (47 Helpful Solutions)

How Do You Manifest New Friend
How Do You Manifest New Friend Affirmations? (47 Helpful Solutions) 4

How do you manifest new friends? Friendship is one of the most precious things in life. It can be a support during difficult times, and it’s always fun to have someone to share good times with.

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your friendships, look no further than friendship affirmations!

These positive statements will help you focus on the good aspects of your relationships and remind you why you love your friends.

They’re perfect for posting on social media or sharing with your BFFs over coffee.

So why not give them a try? Friendship affirmations could be just what you need to bring your friendships to the next level!

What Is The Best Way To Manifest New Friend Affirmations? 

Firstly ,You Can Write Yourself A List.

  • Write down how it will make you feel when you have this new friend in your life.  How does it feel inside right now when you imagine having them in your life? How do they treat you? Are they fun to be around? Is this what you desire?
  • Write a list of reasons why you think they should want to hang out with you.
  • Even write a letter to them, telling them how it would benefit their life if they hung out with you regularly.
  • Visualise your new friendship regularly.  See your new friend in your mind, and feel how it feels to have them be a part of your life.  See the two of you hanging out, having fun.
  • Trust that it will happen naturally, don’t force it.  
  • Pray for them every day until your prayers are answered!  Don’t beg, but make your intentions known.
How Do You Manifest New Friend

What Are Some Awesome Ways To Affirm A Friend?

Below are some awesome affirmation examples.

These are things that you can text, email or say in person. You could also note these in their lunch baggie/basket/box or on the white board they have at work.

Sometimes we forget that we need to be affirmed too.  

The best way to affirm a friend is to first look at yourself and remember what you like about yourself.

Once you know what you like about yourself, this will make it easier for you to see your friends in the same light.

Then once you feel good about yourself, it’s time to make your friend feel good about themselves! 

The best way to do this is to watch for things you like that your friends are doing and tell them.  

When I think of friendship affirmations, I think of speaking life into someone.

I love the quote below because it also reminds us that we should not wait for our friends to come to us with their problems.  We should drop everything and listen to them, because they are worth it.

“Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. Show the world how amazing you are.” – Unknown

Reaching out with an affirmation can take away a friend’s bad day and make them feel better about themselves and their life situation.

How To Affirm A Friend

  • I love it when you __________.
  • I’m here for you, if you ever want to talk about something.
  • You give me so many ideas I can use! You’re super creative!
  • Thank you for sharing your life with me on the internet.
  • I appreciate the way you __________.
  • Great job on your presentation! I loved all of your ideas/thoughts/words! You are so articulate and intelligent.
  • You are always looking out for me when we go places together. Thank you for thinking of me before yourself.
  • You are a great listener. Thank you for being here for me.
  • I admire the way you __________.
  • You are so generous to everyone. Thank you for making others feel loved by giving them things without asking anything in return.
  • It is so nice to have someone listen to my problems, because it makes me feel less alone when I can tell you about my struggles/pain/worries/etc. You are a good friend.
  • You give me great ideas on how to use my time more wisely! Thank you for being a smart and considerate person.
  • I’m grateful that we __________.
  • Keep making me laugh. I need more funny things in my life! Your sense of humor always brightens my day.
  • You are the best friend to go out with, because you always know how to have a great time! Where would I be without you?
  • I enjoy talking with you about __________. You have a unique take/understanding of this topic and it fascinates me how much thought goes into your perspective.
  • You make me feel better when I’m upset. Your positive thoughts and happy words help to lift my mood and make me smile.
  • I appreciate the way you __________.
  • You always give great advice.Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You are such a smart person!
  • Your presence in my life makes it better Thank you for being so amazing!
  • You are the one who __________.
  • Keeps me in line. You have high standards and that’s what I love most about you.
  • I feel more confident/beautiful/happy when I’m with you. Thank you for being yourself and reminding me to be myself too.
  • Every time we spend time together I have so much fun! Thanks for being my friend.
  • The best thing about you is ___________.
  • My favorite part of your outfit is __________.
  • You are so talented at ______________, because you always _________.
  • I feel better about myself when you tell me that I look pretty/handsome, because you are telling the truth.
  • I feel awesome when you compliment me, because it makes me realize that I’m good enough 🙂 Thank you for making me feel awesome!
  • You’re always looking out for my safety/welfare! Thanks for thinking about me before yourself.
  • The best thing about our friendship is __________.
  • I like when we __________.
  • My favorite part about our friendship is ___________.
  • You give me such great ideas! You’re so smart/creative/thoughtful! Thank you for always thinking of others and sharing your talent with them 🙂
  • You make my day brighter when you ask me how I’m doing, because you care. I appreciate your compassion and interest in my life.
  • I feel so safe with you, because you __________.
  • I feel so grateful to have a friend like you! Thank you for being a truly awesome person.
  • You’ve been such a good/supportive/helpful friend to me lately. Thank you for making an effort with me.
  • I feel happy/loved/comfortable when we ___________.
  • You’re a great listener.Thank you for being here for me.
  • Thank you for the helpful advice! It was good to hear your perspective on this situation. You always have such great ideas to share.
  • You are so talented at ______________, because you always _________.
  • I appreciate the way you __________. Thank you for being so considerate/kind/thoughtful.
  • You are one of the most considerate people I know. Thank you for always asking about my life/how I’m feeling/what’s going on with me.
  • I could tell you anything. You’re a great listener and a true friend!
  • You help me feel better when I’m upset, because your positive words lift my spirits.

How Do You Manifest New Friend Affirmations Conclusion

With all the negative news, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who care about you. 

It can be really encouraging when someone takes time out of their day to tell you that they’re thinking about you and support your dreams. 

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