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55 Emotional Quotes You Are Amazing Expressing Deep Love

Quotes You are Amazing, To Make You Smile Today
55 Emotional Quotes You Are Amazing Expressing Deep Love 7

You Are Amazing Quotes

Quotes you are amazing, are for people like me who want to express to others how you care about them. And, how amazing they make you feel when they put a smile on your face.

Below, you’ll find a few ways to express these quotes to your loved ones too, so feel free to use them to get your own message across to them.

So they can feel how amazing it sounds and feels to hear the words coming from you for so many reasons.

Putting a smile on someone’s face and making them happy brings happiness to them, you may not realize straight away, but it really does.

It could take days or even years before people tell you exactly how amazing you are or how you made them feel amazing.

And this is because,

People go through rough days, but you may not see it when you are talking to them, but your words to them can change the way they feel.

That’s why I always say, If you feel the need to say anything to people, let people know in a few words, just how amazing they really are.

Let’s get into the quotes

Amazing You Quotes

How amazing is it to show your loved ones how awesome they are, not only on special days but every day?

When you read these amazing quotes, try to think of different ways to express them to them starting today.

A suggestion could be to write them on post-it notes. Or place them on the fridge, inside small cards, etc. And wait for them to find them around the house or in their favorite places and watch the smile on their faces.

You could also make a habit every month to tell the people who made you feel awesome that month, just how amazing they made you.

Quotes You Are Amazing On People

You are amazing because you understand when I speak to you and always find solutions to make things better.

You are amazing because the greatest gift of friendship is me knowing you.

I feel you are amazing because when we don’t share the same views, you never get upset or angry.

You are amazing because you have self-respect and self-disciple, and that’s what makes you my hero.

Working hard and being kind is what you possess as a good friend and because of that, I feel you are amazing.

You are amazing because you are the sister I never had.

How amazing you are because you have an awesome amount of humility.

You are incredible. You care about everyone, and you’re a team player. Not only that, but you never care about who gets the applause, even if you do all the work. You are such an amazing person.

You are such an amazing person, you understand, and you are humble around others.

Things are never scary when you are around, you are amazing.

You are an extraordinary child, having a child-like you is the most amazing thing on earth.

Lord. You are tremendous. Simply being in your presence is life-changing. You are an amazing God.

True love, and true connections, are really hard to come by, and I have those with you, You are amazing, I love you.

Being a free-giving person is not something everyone has even if they have money, but with you, it comes so naturally, you are amazing to me and to others.

You are amazing putting up with my tears, I cherish you dearly.

You showed me how amazing you are when I got into trouble, and you were still my good friend. How amazing is that?

You are an amazing mum, family is everything to you, and you show it just by smiling and encouraging us to do well every day.

I love how amazing you are when I talk about my dreams and how I want to accomplish awesome things. You are the treasure for a friend everyone is looking for because you are always my number 1 supporter.

I have never been afraid to trust you and because of that, I feel you are amazing.

You have so much knowledge about many things, but you are very humble and gracious when you are around other people. It shows how amazing you are and shows me that, we can all be humble to one another.

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Quotes You Are Amazing On Friendship

Receiving your text messages every morning to check on me, shows the awesome friend you are. Thank you for being a great friend, to me.

Walking a thousand steps with you each day through our struggles lets me know you are special and amazing and the kind of friend I want around me forever.

Just know you are more like a sister to me than a friend, and I think you are as amazing as words can describe you to be.

You read me like a book even though the world sees something different, a friendship like yours is rare and priceless, that’s why I want you to know how much you mean to me. You are amazing.

Seeing the world at the same time with you tells me how incredible our friendship is, and how special and amazing it is to have you as a friend.

Everything I’ve learned about friendship, I learned from you. You are free-giving, patient, selfless, and amazing.

Quotes You are Amazing, To Make You Smile Today
55 Emotional Quotes You Are Amazing Expressing Deep Love 8

Quotes You Are Amazing On Love

You are amazing, my love because you have shown me what it is to be loved with actions.

I never feel alone when you are near me and that shows that you love me so much, I think you are amazing. Thank you.

You show me at every opportunity the pure love you have for me, as time is non-existent when we are together, and for that, you are amazing in my eyes.

I love you unconditionally, and I will forever because I know It takes a special kind of person to love me with all my shortcomings, and that is you. You are amazing, and you will be to me for eternity.

I prayed for the day, I would meet and love someone like you and in my faith I stand before the love of my life, knowing you are amazing.

Knowing you love me Is what makes my world go round, and because of this you are amazing and will be for as long as you keep me spinning in love with you.

I know one thing for sure, you have love to give and have cured me of all doubts about love. What an amazing gift and what an amazing person you are. In short, I love you and have to say you are amazing, one thousand times over.

You are amazing! Every connection we share is you filling my heart with trust and love, your kindness, and your spiritual presence is unbelievable.

True love still exists, just like the air, we breathe. I know this because you make me feel so special just by the little moments of kindness you give to me. I feel you are amazing and would love to let you know this If I don’t say it often enough.

Love is the magic potion that will keep the world in peace. And with all the work you do for the world, one day you will see everything coming together. You are amazing, I have to tell you, and the world will tell you soon, too.

I thought I was hard to love until you came around with your amazing presence, you are the amazing person I’ve always needed to shine so brightly. You are amazing my heartbeat and I love you unconditionally.

Quotes You are Amazing, To Make You Smile Today
55 Emotional Quotes You Are Amazing Expressing Deep Love 9

Quotes You Are Amazing On Birthdays

I found out a long time ago how amazing you are, and now that it’s your Birthday, you are a double dose of amazing. Happy Birthday.

The older you get, the more I experience how amazing you are, Happy Birthday.

You are old enough to understand what I mean when I say you are amazing, Happy Birthday.

Every year you get older, You are amazing beyond what words can describe because you show an extra side of your awesomeness.

Let’s celebrate, so I can show you how amazing you are on your birthday.

You are the best gift a parent could ask for because you are so amazing and a child full of blessings, grace, and favor. Happy Birthday.

Birthdays are for special moments and sharing words of how amazing you are, not only today on your special day, but always.

It’s your birthday and no time like now to let you know, how awesome, you are

You are amazing, and I love you, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, gorgeous. Not only are you amazing, but you are also a classy lady with elegant style and sophistication. Enjoy Your day.

You always put a smile on my face and make me feel special every day of the week, today It’s your birthday and I want to tell you, how amazing you are to me.

Quotes You are Amazing, To Make You Smile Today
55 Emotional Quotes You Are Amazing Expressing Deep Love 10

Quotes You Are Amazing On Family

Families are amazing because they care about you, and you care for them too.

When we are ill, our family members always show how amazing they are, when they bring you flowers and come to visit.

Nobody protects you in a fight like a family member, they are awesome.

The love for family is so amazing when we come together on special events,

Family can be amazing as well as a family from hell.

As long as you have an amazing family, you are set for life.

Movie night with the family is priceless and special, that’s why I think my family is amazing.