You are currently viewing What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides: 18 Alarming Secrets Exposed!

What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides: 18 Alarming Secrets Exposed!

What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides

What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides or what are the hourglass disadvantages or even problems? Today you will learn all the answers.

Despite all of the amazing benefits, there are a few things you should know, that women with this body type face daily.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the Hourglass body characteristic downsides so that you can understand the different types of body types women have.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape is a term used to describe a woman’s shape when she is in good physical condition.

It is characterized by having an hourglass figure, being well-defined at the waist and hips, and having a good amount of body fat. 

It is a shape sought after by a few women but achieved by very few. 

The hourglass body shape is achieved only when a woman has an athletic and muscular build and well developed muscle in areas such as her hips and waist.

But also has enough fat to allow the appearance of feminine curves.

The hourglass body type may be attractive to some because it is often seen on models who portray images of thinness and perfection, but it does have its downsides.

What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides

As perfect as many women feel the hourglass figure is, The hourglass body downsides are a reality to those who have this shaped body.

The following are some of the downsides that come with having an hourglass shape

1. Unwanted Attention 

One may think that having an hourglass figure is every woman’s dream, but what if you hate the unwanted attention it can bring?

One of the hourglass body downsides is having to deal with the unwanted attention it may bring. 

Even if you are used to wearing certain clothes, there will always be someone who is going to stare at your body and make comments about what he or she likes about your shape. 

It’s great to feel confident in the way you look, but if you don’t like that sort of attention, then an hourglass figure might not be for you.

2. Pairing With Clothing

What do I wear?

An hourglass woman can be quite fashionable. But pairing tops and bottoms together; can be quite frustrating at, times!

Wouldn’t it get annoying having to wear multiple different sizes of clothing, because they don’t fit well as a whole size.? 

You tend to have to go up a couple of dress sizes because one size does not fit all, or, you have to buy a size that is big enough in other areas, to accommodate your wider hips.

3. Weight Loss

Losing weight can be extremely difficult for women with an hourglass body shape, especially if they are not used to doing exercises or eating healthy. 

The worst part of the hourglass figure downside is trying to lose those final pounds to fit into your dream dress. Those lovely jeans you desire, or any other special occasion outfit, but you just don’t find it, that easy!

4. Breasts

Some people may consider breasts as one of the most important parts of a woman’s body,

However, hourglass shaped women tend to feel self-conscious about their bust size because their waist is smaller than what they would like it to be. 

The top hourglass body shape can be a source of annoyance because it seems like there is nothing you can do about your breasts aside from surgery.

5. Looking Older Than You May Be

One of the most common hourglass body downsides is looking older than you may actually be because of the bottom hourglass body shape you have. 

When your waist is smaller than what it should be for your age, people can sometimes think that you are a lot older than you actually are.

And this makes you feel self-conscious and sad. 

6. Being Too Thin

In contrast to having big breasts, one of the conundrums about being an hourglass woman with a small waist is that people will often assume that she has an eating disorder or is unhealthy because she looks too thin. 

Therefore, one of the disadvantages of having an hourglass figure is being told by others that they “wish they could look like you”.

When, in fact, you are sick of people telling you that you’re too thin.

7. Back Ache

The hourglass figure is said to be the most iconic of all female figures.

However, what many people don’t know is that according to doctors, having hips that are wider than one’s waist can cause back pain in some women .  

8. Dieting

If you have a small waist, then dieting can be one of the most difficult things for you as an hourglass woman. 

The worst part about this hourglass figure downside is that when you do decide to diet , you are still going to be bigger on top. 

9. High Heels 

As much as most women love high heels, they can also be very hard to walk in for those with an hourglass figure because it makes their hips look even bigger than they already are! 

Having wide hips often means that wearing flats instead of high heels is the best option for most hourglass women. 

If you feel like your hips are too big then heels might not be right for you.

What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides
Three ladies laughing about the downsides of an hourglass body shape

10. All The So Called Complements

One of the most annoying hourglass figure downsides is getting multiple compliments from friends and family members on a daily basis. 

Having people tell you that you have a great figure or that you look so thin can become hard to handle after a while. 

It is one thing to get compliments every once in a while, but it’s another when it happens all the time.  

11. Fishing For Compliments 

Hourglass women usually do not like fishing for compliments because it makes them feel as if they are doing something wrong or that they are trying too hard to look good

That is why sometimes, hourglass body shaped women tend to wear dresses or clothes for top hourglass body types. It makes them feel confident and comfortable instead of wearing tight clothes that will make them look good to other people.

What Are The Hourglass Body Downsides
Exercises to get an hourglass figure

12. Unflattering Clothing

Many clothing designers do not create clothes that flatter hourglass figures. 

13. Difficulty Finding Pants

If you have a small waist and big hips, it can be very difficult to find pants that fit properly. 

One of the biggest problems with hourglass figure women is that they often end up having to buy two sizes bigger in order for their pants not to feel too tight around the hips. 

14. Difficulty Finding Jeans

Some of the most common hourglass figure disadvantages include having trouble finding jeans that fit properly. 

One of the biggest problems is that many brands do not cater to women who have small waists and big hips. 

15. Jackets

Many hourglass body shaped women complain about how difficult it is to find jackets that can fit them because their waists are very small compared to the size of their hips.

16. Having Big Arms 

Most hourglass body women complain about their big arms and this biggest complaint is that they feel as if their arms are constantly being noticed. 

That is why many women with hourglass body shapes do not like wearing sleeveless tops because they feel that people will notice their arms right away.

17. Dresses Are Too Short

One of the biggest problems that hourglass figures face is finding dresses that are long enough. 

Many women with hourglass body shapes complain about having to wear knee-length dresses instead of knee-length skirts because it’s more flattering for their figure.

18. Difficulty Wearing Corsets

Hourglass figures usually have the problem of not being able to wear tight corsets because it’s uncomfortable as well as extra flattering. 

Only the women with hourglass body shapes who are very slim (and even then it’s not recommended) can actually pull off wearing corsets.

How To Style An Hourglass Figure

In the video below, you will learn, in spite of the downsides of an hourglass body, how to style an hourglass figure to keep you looking fashionable and elegant.

How to Dress an HOURGLASS Body Shape

Watch This Useful Video


In conclusion, you can see that the answer to the question—what are the hourglass body downsides, gives you insight into some of the disadvantages this body type has.

The hourglass shape is not for everyone.

Some people may find it can be difficult to fit into clothing from other stores and will have a more difficult time finding clothes in their size. Others dread the unwanted attention they have to face.

The upside is that, if you like this body type, there are ways to dress your curves with fashion trends while still looking stylish!

In the meantime, be sure to check out my other posts for even more ideas regarding Elegant Style, Fashion Tips, Quotes, Affirmations, Bible VersesRealities Of Life, and general Self Empowerment topics uplifting women daily.