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How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look: 52 Helpful Tips

How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look

Knowing how to wear jewelry to compliment your look is a great way to look more complete. As you know, jewelry is a fashion accessory that can make any outfit more stylish and put together. In this blog post, I’m going to go over the best ways for choosing the perfect pieces of jewelry!

How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look

Earrings Tips

  • Wear small earrings with short hair; don’t let your hair overshadow your accessories.
  • Wear earrings that coordinate with the colors of your outfit and brighten up your look. Also, you can choose simple studs if you want to shy away from flashy, large earrings.
  • Wear Drop earrings over light-colored dresses for giving off a soft finish.
  • With strapless gowns, wear a single earring with a cuff or bracelet on the other side for symmetry.
  • Avoid wearing earrings that are too heavy or large if you have long hair, otherwise it will weigh your hairstyle down.
  • Make sure all your earrings match with the outfit you’re wearing and avoid mixing different kinds of earrings together.
  • Avoid wearing large earrings with thin straps as it can overwhelm your look.
  • When wearing hoop earrings, keep everything else simple and classic (even if they match your outfit). For example, don’t wear chunky necklaces with them as well. Keep it classy!
  • The thickness of hoops tend to make your eyes appear smaller – if that’s not the look you’re going for, stick with studs.
  • If you have a pear shaped body, it’s best to wear bold earrings as they will draw attention away from your hips/waist.
  • If you have a square chin or strong jawline, go with statement earrings (preferably small ones) as they’ll soften your chin and make it look more rounded – accenting your face is the way to go!
  • When wearing statement earrings, keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple – you don’t want to distract people from your face with frilly tops or too many patterns.
  • If you have long hair, dangly earrings are perfect as they’ll balance out the length of your locks. Keep everything else simple!
  • People with round faces may want to go with earrings that are a bit more classic, without too much added pizzazz. This will keep the attention on your face!
  • If you have short hair  and you’re wanting to grow it out, wearing big earrings will help your hair look longer. Once it’s grown out a bit, switch those statement pieces to smaller ones as they’ll be less overwhelming and you can rock any look you want!
  • For women who are well endowed in the bust area, don’t shy away from bold earrings! Depending on your hair color, keep everything else simple – you know that the focus will be on your forehead, so don’t let it overwhelm you!
  • If you have a large bust and a smaller waist, go with earrings that are small to balance out your proportions. If you wear hoops or other types of earrings that dangle down to your shoulders, they’ll create more of an imbalance.
  • If you have a small bust, you can wear pretty much any type of earring! Go with whatever style that speaks to you the most – just be sure to keep everything else simple so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming on your frame.
  • When wearing a blazer or dress shirt, go with a bold earring as they’ll balance out all of that extra fabric. Be sure to keep everything else simple though!
  • If you have a petite frame, wear earrings that dangle to create more breadth as they’ll make you appear larger.
  • Hoop style earrings are great for balancing out an outfit and making it appear more proportionate!
  • If you like to play around with your earrings, go for funky styles that aren’t too big as they’ll draw attention away from your ears.
How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look: 52 Helpful Tips

Necklace Tips

  • Wear long pendant necklaces over short-sleeve jackets to elongate your torso.
  • Wear a necklace with an evening gown, if the dress is bead-encrusted, for appearing flashy and rich. Also, wear earrings that coordinate with its color scheme.
  • When wearing large necklaces, pair them with a very plain outfit and minimal accessories.
  • Wear large necklaces over collared shirts to look more classy than casual.
  • To make necklaces lay flat, tie it once around your neck and let the ends flow down. Another alternative is to bring the two ends together and tie them in a knot.
  • When wearing a necklace, always make sure that it isn’t too tight around your neck. Try to leave a half-inch of space between the necklace and your collarbone.
  • When wearing large necklaces over collared shirts, pair with simple clothes and minimal accessories.
  • If you have a small bust or curvy hips, go with long necklaces as they will “balance” your figure out and make it look proportional.
  • For those with broader shoulders and bigger chests – necklaces that hit a bit below the collarbone are perfect as they will draw attention away from those areas.
  • If you have a long neck, wearing short necklaces will help break it up and show-off your awesome features!
  • In some cases, people with small faces may want to stay away from big, chunky necklaces as they will make your face look even smaller. Stick with long necklaces or dainty ones like chokers to compensate for that.
  • If you have a square face, don’t shy away from statement necklaces and bold earrings – they’ll soften your jawline and add a point to the bottom of your chin!
What Jewelry to Wear with What neckline

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  • It’s best to go with a statement necklace that is close to your face when wearing a blazer or dress shirt as it’ll create balance in proportion.
  • Statement necklaces are great for full figured women who have broad shoulders and/or bust because they will help draw attention away from those areas.
  • If you’re wearing a statement necklace, you can wear any type of earring up top (hoops, studs, chandeliers…).
  • If you have a short neck or your body is very petite, wear statement necklaces because they’ll give your outfit more balance and proportion.
  • Be adventurous when wearing statement necklaces and go for big chunky styles as they’ll create more balance and proportion. You can use this as a way to play up your outfit!
  • If you have short hair, don’t shy away from big statement necklaces as it will give the illusion of having longer locks. Keep everything else simple so that your look doesn’t become too overwhelming.
  • If you have dark hair and eyes, pair black or dark colored statement necklaces with your outfit to balance out the darkness of your hair color.
  • You can always use statement necklaces to dress up an outfit!
How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look

Bracelet/Bangle/Ring Tips

  • Wear a bracelet that has the same color scheme as your dress over a short sleeve, to add a touch of glamor. Also, don’t forget your ring!
  • In order for beaded bracelets to look chic, make sure you get one with slim strings and simple accents.
  • Cuffs are accessories that have come back in style, so wear one over an evening gown or formal occasion.
  • In order to look more classy when wearing bracelets with evening gowns, choose simple bracelets rather than those with beads and chains.
  • With baggy tops, wear bracelets that add more curves to your arms such as cuffs and bangle bracelets.
  • When wearing rings, try not to stack too many together as it can overwhelm your hand. One ring is enough for two or three fingers is sufficient if you want to add a touch of elegance to your fingers.
  • Don’t wear excess multiple bracelets on one arm as it takes away from the whole look of everything you’re wearing.
  • When wearing statement rings, it’s important to have a softness about the rest of your finger area so that you aren’t too overwhelming. 
  • Wear classic style rings (just not too big!) for all different types of outfits – there’s something for every type of occasion!
How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look
How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look: 52 Helpful Tips 7

General Jewelry Tip

  • Make sure all your jewelry coordinate with each other, such as rings, bracelets and necklaces.

How To Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look Conclusion

Following these great tips will help you to wear jewelry that complements your look, body shape, and face shape.

Thank you for reading.

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