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How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel – 2022

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How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel - 2022 5

Learn how to look good and combine color using the color wheel, so you can dress better, dress stylishly and dress perfectly to any place you want to go.

You may find the color wheel difficult to understand, but follow on with the post below, and you should find it easier to grasp and understand how to use it.

I existed in the world of being confused when I looked at the color wheel, but I learned the color wheel by picturing and visualizing myself wearing my favorite outfits, and it stuck.

Now I know how to look good and have a great dressing style combining colors using the color wheel.

In today’s blog post. I want you to understand the color wheel and how to combine color with your outfits.

What Is The Color Wheel

Similarly referred to as the color circle, the color wheel contributes to being the arrangement of the circular color, which is organized through its colorful relation.

It shows the relationship between the colors.

The primary colors are central to the wheel whilst the tertiary and secondary wheels, on the other hand, are going to sit upon them.

They are used on a wide scale for art and design purposes to select the color schemes and colors, according to their relation to each other.

Why The Color Wheel Is Important For Combining Colors

If you want to combine colors, a crucial concern is deciding the hues that can go together.

And the color wheel is a simple tool that helps in resolving that problem in no time.

The color wheel consists of 12 different color hues, which are arranged across the central hub.

They are tertiary, secondary, and primary colors.

The decorative color combination is defined by the place of its residence upon the color wheel.

If you are not sure how to combine colors, it would be better to choose the color wheels.

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors

Primary Colors

The primary colors are inclusive of three colors, red, blue, and yellow.

They are regarded as colors, which cannot be created with the combination of other colors.

You can combine them for the creation of secondary colors and in turn, they assist in the combination of tertiary colors.

Such colors are derived from the primary colors.

Secondary Colors

The secondary colors are inclusive of three colors also, and they are green, purple, and orange. It is possible to get them from the combination of two primary colors in equal amounts at once.

The combination of yellow and red helps in creating orange colors. The combination of yellow and blue colors generates green. If you want to generate purple colors, it is essential to combine the blue and red colors.

It would help if you remember that the ratio of the colors during the combination impacts the final hue. A combination of blue and red in the ratio of 1:1 helps in the creation of one purple shade. The combination of one red part with two different blue parts generates a more blue-tinged and darker purple hue.

Tertiary Colors

Also referred to as intermediate colors, the tertiary colors are created with the combination of primary and secondary colors in equal parts. They are named after the creation of two different colors, orange-red, and blue-green.

How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel - 2022
How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel – 2022

Color Combinations

After knowing the basics it is essential to choose colors, which will go together using the color wheel.

And you can do this by choosing color combinations, which are analogous, complementary, monochrome, tetradic, triad, split, and analogous.

Such color schemes offer assistance to the options between the choice of harmonious and contrasting colors, which depend on the prerequisite effect, you are willing to get.

How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel - 2022
How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel - 2022 6

Complementary Combinations For Outfits

The complementary colors are derived from each other upon the color wheel directly. Such colors boast higher contrast to each other. They play an integral role in making the outfit stand out with higher contrast. If it is used in an improper way, they are shocking visually.

As you try to use complementary colors, you should not use them in your outfits equally.

You should choose either of the hues as the primary color.

Complementary colors you can use for highlighting and making specific, crucial statements.

They play an essential role in creating a natural and vibrant feel to the specific outfit. A few of the primary instances of complementary color combinations are red-purple and yellow-green, purple and yellow, orange and blue, green and red, blue-green and red-orange, red-purple, and yellow-green.

A few of the primary examples of complementary color combinations are red-purple and yellow-green, purple and yellow, orange and blue, green and red, blue-green and red-orange, red-purple, and yellow-green.

Split Complementary Colors

This is another popular variation of the typical complementary color scheme. In place of the combination of two different colors from one another directly, this kind of combination comprises a single color along with the colors on each side of the specific complement.

Such a technique helps in adding extra variety with the combination of three different hues without being excessively bold and shocking.

With this specific technique, you will get combinations, which are inclusive of cool and warm hues. They are balanced easily than the complementary color schemes.

Monochrome Combinations

The monochrome color combinations are considered to be variations of a single hue.

Such kinds of combinations comprise different shades, tints, and tones of the specific hue.

Take the instance of light blue, slightly lighter blue, and dark blue. These kinds of combinations are beneficial in the simplification of busy designs.

Plus, they are helpful in the creation of a visually captivating and pleasant look. It happens to be a popular color scheme technique if you want your look to be identified with a specific color.

In addition, it is beneficial in showcasing progression in a specific design. And, it helps in the creation of an extra sophisticated-looking design, through the use of bright color hues.

Analogous Color Combinations

These kinds of color combinations will sit on the color wheel side by side, directly or near each other. This harmonious combination looks pleasing to the eye and is aesthetically comforting.

As you opt for the primary color as the base, you should select more than two colors for highlighting. It is going to work wonders with the tertiary and secondary colors. You should ensure that the base color is dominating whereas two other colors will highlight, instead of overwhelming.

Triadic and tetradic color combinations

The triadic color combinations are recognized to be variants of the specific split complementary color scheme.

Triadic colors are three colors of your choice that are equally away from each other on the color wheel. Let’s take red, yellow and blue for instance.

The colors at every point will come at a point for the creation of the triadic combination. These color combinations are quite vibrant, as they are toned down, shaded, or tinted. The colors come across as adolescent and playful.

It is important to take care as you try to balance either of the colors. You should make sure to select one color as the primary one, whereas the others should be used as the accents.

The tetradic color combinations are inclusive of four colors, and they are divided equally around the color wheel.

You should find the tetradic combination with the placement of the square upon the color wheel after which you can select the colors at a single corner. Besides this, you can select two different complementary colors opposing sets.

Tips to Combine Color with Clothes with the Color Wheel

You can apply the color combination theory for the combination and matching the apparel in your wardrobe:

Begin with the Analogous Colors

Analogous colors share a common hue. They are present next to one another upon the color wheel. As new colors are integrated with the wardrobe, you will get a color, which can offer a glamorous look to you.

The blue color is located between the blue-violet and teal upon the color wheel. If you love the light blue color, you can consider adding blue-violet for the two-color and subtle palette.

Try Complementary Colors

As you take closer notice of the color wheel, you will find that the complementary colors are located opposite to one another. Thus, they help in creating an outstanding power clash. You can choose chartreuse, fuchsia, and forest green, burgundy. If you want to choose bold colors, they will offer a unique look to you.

Combine Neutral Colors

Neutral colors form an outstanding base as you try to work with brighter colors. However, they will work together. The color combination is not only about the bold colors. Instead, you can try neutral colors, such as white, navy blue, black, and brown, white. So, you can combine black pants along with brown shoes.

Choose Accessories That Are Different

If you do not want to get a full monochrome look, you should match the belt to the shoes and handbag. Such small accessories are a wonderful choice for experimenting with bright colors.

Consider Wearing Denim As A Neutral Color

To bring out the best combination, you should choose denim as a neutral color. If you match it with other colors you shouldn’t find it challenging.

The best option to accomplish it is choosing denim shades, which offer high similarity. However, you should ensure at the same time that it should have sufficient difference so that the look does not become excessively catchy.

So, you should combine a light-wash denim shirt with mid-wash jeans. You can also combine a mid-wash denim jacket with dark-wash jeans.

Organizing Your Closet With Colors

When you organize your outfits into colors, finding them and matching them becomes easier if you’ve understood the color wheel

Once you color-coordinate the wardrobe, you’ll be able to find what you need as soon as you open your wardrobe, without any challenges.

How To Use The Color Wheel

Watch This Useful Video

A great way to play around with colors is to play around at coolors.


That’s our post on How To Look Good And Combine Color Using The Color Wheel, thanks for reading. You should now know how to use the color wheel to put your different looks together and face the world with your new and improved chic and elegant look.