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51 Classy Quotes On Life, Love and Attitude

Classy quotes
51 Classy Quotes On Life, Love and Attitude 6

This is a collection of short, classy quotes that will help you appreciate the little things in life.

Classy quotes to lift you up through life, love and attitudes and provide some inspiration when times are tough.

These are the quotes for girls and women that will encourage you to live your best life always!

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Classy Quotes

You are classy. I am classy. We are classy. Class easy is the new classy. – Anonymous

A classy dress code does not mean covering up or being prude- it means being classy, respectful and looking good in your own skin no matter how revealing your clothes are – Anonymous

Being classy is about more than just what you say, it’s also how you say it –Anonymous

Being classy isn’t about having money or carrying ‘fashionable’ chanel bags. Rather, it’s about being classy to others and showing that there are better ways to live life with kindness.-Anonymous

Working classy is much better than working hard. It’s about having the classy approach to life.-Anonymous

If you’re classy, you’ll know how to enjoy time with yourself.

If you actually enjoy being alone, your best company is yourself, so be classy and treat yourself to classy things –Anonymous

Classy is the new classy. Don’t believe me? Look around you, classy is everywhere, classy everything, classy classy classy classy classy classy-Anonymous

Being classy means being able to stand up for yourself- having dignity and self worth.-Anonymous

Classy is a state of mind, classy is how classy you live . –Anonymous

A classy woman knows what she wants from life and aims to get it with class. But more importantly, she has the capacity to accept things that she can’t change.-Anonymous

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams, that’s classy .-Anonymous

Classy is a lifestyle, not merely an outfit or the way you talk. It’s about being classy to others- Anonymous

Being classy is more than just money or clothes- it’s about having class… Classy, is not expensive.-Anonymous

Classy is knowing what you want from life, it’s not about being stuck up it’s having self respect.-Anonymous

Being classy is about knowing the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’. The more you have, the less classy you are. –Anonymous

Life is classy. Classy is all around, so open up your eyes to see the world around you.-Anonymous

Some people are born classy, some achieve it, and others have it thrust upon them. It’s about being an independent person who knows how to decide real value in anything.-Anonymous

Classy quotes

Female Classy Attitude Quotes

A classy dress code does not mean covering up or being prude- it means having class, respect and looking good in your own skin no matter how revealing your clothes are.-Anonymous

Being classy doesn’t just mean wearing perfect clothing, it means having the class to be classy. –Anonymous

A classy person knows how to get what they want out of life- and believes that they deserve it. Classy is more than just an appearance or label. –Anonymous

Being classy is about more than just saying the right things- it’s also about knowing when to keep your mouth shut. –Anonymous

Confidence is classy. Classy people don’t care what others think of them, because they know how to carry themselves.-Anonymous

Classy is knowing that knowledge is more important than money, it’s about being classy to others and knowing how to be a true friend.-Anonymous

It’s not about what you have, but the way you present yourself… It’s always better to be classy rather than trashy.–Anonymous

Classy people don’t talk about their money they’re too busy enjoying it.-Anonymous

Classy isn’t just an outfit or a label, it’s about having class and living classy.-Anonymous

Classy is a way of life, not just an outfit. If you live classily, everything else falls into place.-Anonymous

You can’t buy class, it’s earned over time by being classy to others and knowing how to carry yourself.-Anonymous

Classy is about being put together and living your life as classy as possible, up until the day you die.

Don’t just be classy, live it every day and show everyone around you that you know how to live classily and stay classy.- Anonymous

It’s about being classy to other people, even if they’re not that classy themselves.-Anonymous

It’s about knowing how to be classy, even if you don’t have much education. Anonymous

Being classy isn’t just about wearing fancy clothes, it’s about having good manners and understanding the meaning behind words.-Anonymous

Classy is about respecting yourself and respecting others by remembering your manners –Anonymous.

Classy quotes

Elegant And Classy Quotes

It’s about being classy, not trashy. It’s about knowing when to be quiet and how to speak when the time is necessary.-Anonymous

It’s about giving yourself a classier label than others have given you.-Anonymous

Classy isn’t about being a prude or super uptight, it’s just about knowing how to carry yourself and having good etiquette.-Anonymous

It’s not what you wear that makes you classy, it’s how you live.-Anonymous

It’s not about wearing expensive clothes or or perfume, it’s about loving yourself and people noticing you do, in the best way possible.-Anonymous

Classy is not just  sunglasses and swag. It’s a lifestyle.-Anonymous

Being classy is a state of mind rather than an outfit. –Anonymous

The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. -Pierre de Coubertin

A successful man can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

Class does not use foul language. –Anonymous

It is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it –Anonymous

Class isn’t about position, or looks. It’s about possessing certain qualities of knowledge is power.

You can buy class, but you cannot buy style.-Coco Chanel

Being classy is knowing when you are wrong and apologizing.-Anonymous

The difference between class and class? The class has good table manners. –Anonymous

A successful man can foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

One must believe in luck. For how else can we be successful.

Classy Quotes Conclusion

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