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45 Affirmations For Money Gems To Repeat For Wealth

Affirmations For Money
45 Affirmations For Money Gems To Repeat For Wealth 6

Have you ever thought about Affirmations for money and how they can help?

Not having funds or trying to get more funds can be a really tricky and discouraging feeling if you have goals you have set for yourself.

But If you had a daily routine of affirmations for money you say over and over again with a clear mind to bring wealth, wouldn’t that be great?

When you live in a world of always needing money to look after yourself financially, you’re going to need to have a plan to attract money and move away from a scarcity mindset.

Everybody wants to be able to take care of their 3 goals and money coming in to our lives in unexpected ways through money mantras is a positive way of starting a process towards attracting money.

Imagine living a life of abundance. A life where having a positive money mindset could change a negative financial situation into a world of wealth.

Well, Positive affirmations can do just that, if you focus on money mantras to attract money!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as easy as blinking an eyelid – as it took a positive mindset and positive affirmations daily to get me to a place of abundance where I personally attract money into my life today.

I had to reprogram my subconscious mind away from negative thoughts in order to bring in wealth.

Now I enjoy all the beautiful things about money.

Just think about it, you’ll have all your financial goals taken care of, they’ll no longer be a need to constantly wake up or go to bed thinking about money.

The idea of a scarcity mindset will no longer exist, and you’ll be on your way to a life of attracting money effortlessly.

Who doesn’t want that?

Well, Affirmations for money are a great way to get your head clear and to bring wealth into your life over time. It’s a mindset of bringing wealth into your space, by saying over and over again to yourself, positive affirmations for money that you believe will bring abundance into your life through the law of attraction.

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What Is Law Of Attraction

The Law of attraction put in a brief and simple way is when “like attracts like”.

It is the use of laws of nature to attract things into our life by focusing on it with abundance. For example. Affirmations on money. 

The Law of Attraction works in a positive mindset to achieve your goals and is about manifesting positivity and not trying to prevent something from happening.

If you place your mindset on the avoidance of not having money, it will not work, because your mind for affirmations is to create an abundance with a wealth mindset and not a scarcity mindset.
The Law of Attraction is about a solution to abundance over time and not fixing a problem of lack.

What Are Affirmations On Money

Money affirmations are sayings that you say to yourself about money in a positive mindset. Focusing solely on unexpected ways of abundance, by chanting the money mantras over and over again. The idea is to encourage yourself while attracting money.

Affirmations For Money
45 Affirmations For Money Gems To Repeat For Wealth 7

Release your mind from thoughts and beliefs that are negative and focus on a positive money mindset. You must believe that you are attracting money that will take care of all your goals.

Let’s get straight in with the following affirmations on money sayings, I love and chant. 

What Are The Best Affirmations On Money


  • I am surrounded by money
  • I trust that I will create abundance
  • I enjoy an abundance of money
  • I am now free to do the things I love
  • I enjoy my prosperity 
  • I am a money magnet
  • My life is prosperous
  • I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking.
  • My prosperity is unlimited
  • I am a loving and abundant person 
  • I see opportunities all around me 
  • Prosperity is drawn to me 
  • I have unlimited abundance
  • The world Is abundant and joyful
  • I deserve to prosper
  • I am a money magnet, money is constantly attracted to me
  • Opportunities flow to me with ease
  • All things I seek are now seeking me.
  • I am wealthy
  • Through the power of my subconscious mind, I effortlessly attract all the wealth I need and desire.
  • Money is an abundant resource that I can earn
  • My Hard work attracts money
  • I can leverage my skills to bring in more money over time
  • I attract wealth beyond money
  • I believe in my thoughts to bring in more money
  • My financial opportunities always brings money in abundance
Affirmations For Money
45 Affirmations For Money Gems To Repeat For Wealth 8

What Are Some Money Mantras

  • I always feel optimistic about my future
  • Every day brings me closer to my goals
  • I review my day each night 
  • I am ready to take on positive changes in my life
  • I am eager to get more out of life
  • I deserve to feel happy
  • I see each day as a new opportunity
  • I take good care of myself
  • I wake up feeling energized
  • I greet each day with fresh enthusiasm
  • I always feel optimistic about my future
  • I review my day each night and praise all my efforts
  • I see the positive aspects of every situation
  • I create my own world
  • I am learning to love everything about who I am
  • I accept myself without needing outside approval
  • I see obstacles as temporary circumstances that I can overcome.
  • My self awareness helps me grow
  • I can take good care of my health

How many days of saying positive money affirmations to myself will it take for my brain to start believing it to be true?

Saying something over and over again to yourself will eventually let your brain know you are positive about this mindset.

If you say something often enough, even if you didn’t believe it at first, you’ll start to.

Just like the famous quote from Napolean Hill – “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”

You have to clear all negative thoughts in your mind and concentrate on a life of abundance in whatever you want and need for yourself.

How Often Do You Use Affirmations On Money ?

Affirmations should be chanted over and over again wherever you are.

You don’t have to shout them out, you can simply utter them to yourself every single day focusing on the positive affirmation you are calling into your life.

There are so many you can say at the same time, in front of the mirror, while walking down the stairs, watching TV, cooking, staring at the wall.

The idea is for you to reprogram your subconscious mind to a positive place.

Recap Affirmations On Money

  • Say your affirmations for money at least 3x a day.
  • Starting first thing in the morning ensures you start your day on a positive mindset
  • Say them several times. It is up to you, or by 5-minute sessions or alternatively, saying your whole set of affirmations 10x each, in a slow, confident voice.
  • Start with your focus affirmation – Affirmation for money and stick on positive wealth affirmations, that will bring monetary abundance.
  • Think long term goal. Make a commitment for 30 days and don’t give up.

Do I need To Listen To Affirmations On Money ?

You don’t have to listen to affirmations, but you could record them and take them with you when you feel you want to hear a sound to meditate to.

Or you could look in front of a mirror gazing into your own eyes, with a confident gentle smile on your face, close your eyes after that and imagine a colorful scene showing the affirmation already in its present state (A feeling of already experiencing it) and feeling all the good feelings from making the affirmation real.

Just add energy to the affirmation.

Conclusion To Affirmations For Money Gems

Wealth affirmations can be the answer to getting your financial goals in order.

Just knowing that you can shift from a scarcity mindset by saying positive affirmations for money daily will break down all the fears and beliefs within you about money.

Start today with a positive money mindset by creating a daily habit to work and create a life of wealth.

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