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20 Empower One Another Quotes To Lift You Up Today

Are you looking for reality quotes about life that can help you face reality about self perception and self awareness?

I’ve brought to you a collection of short empower one another quotes that will get you started on your journey to happiness. Social and emotional learning for one another starts with self-awareness and self-perception.

Self Perception is the awareness of who you are and the way you interpret and understand everything happening in society. Our perceptions are based on our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour, which in turn defines the way we think and basically the way we act.

There are two types of perception and that is the way you see yourself and the world you are living in, and the way other people may see you in their own world.

The most important of the two. Is your self perception.

The way you look at the world takes an influence on your attitude and it can spoil the wonderful things you can attract for yourself. If you see life, giving you Joy and Happiness, your attitude will attract it. If you see your life as being sad and unhappy, you can attract that too.

Once we become aware of ourselves we can be whatever we want to be.

And in order to do this, each day we go out into the world, when we meet with people who are guided by their own self-perceptions – we must bring awareness to ourselves to improve our lives and not dwell on other people’s perceptions of what or who we should be.

The following empower one another quotes will guide us on this journey of self-awareness as, once we look from within, we are now able to empower one another automatically through everything we do.

Empower One Another Quotes

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To empower one another is knowing that self-awareness is a process by which you keep learning about yourself – and that learning continues till the day you die.

Take a moment and try the exercise I am… Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and sit down in a quiet space. Start to list down words for yourself which complete the sentence ‘I am…’

You will find that you begin with words that describe your public persona – like I am a lady, I am slim, I am tall, I am big. If you continue to do this, up to fifty or even a hundred words of positive words like – I am beautiful, I am great, I am successful, etc. You will slowly find that you are able to push aside the public boundaries that silence your mindset, and you start to really describe who you are in your own eyes. And at some point, you will surprise yourself with some words that will make you wonder – ‘Now, where did that come from!’

Once you start to become aware of who you are, you can start to acknowledge and accept yourself. Accepting yourself is the only step to loving yourself and. Accept and then acknowledge and you will love yourself.

Never get confused between who you are and what you do. What you do, you may want to change from time to time, and sometimes you may have to forgive yourself for something done, or not done

But who you are is always precious, always perfect. The same Universe that created everything around us in nature so perfectly has also created you – how can you be less than perfect! So remember and recognise, that who you are is always perfect! Loving yourself will be easy.


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