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15 Rules Of Conversation That Will Help You Out

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15 Rules Of Conversation That Will Help You Out 6

We are social beings, so it’s very important for us to be able to communicate with others often. Knowing the right rules of conversation is very important because it allows us to guide the discussion the way we want it to go, while also respecting other people.

Below, I created a list that will help you figure out the rules of Conversation and how you can respect them properly.

The Rules of Conversation

What are the Rules Of Conversation?

If you want to be a master communicator, then it’s important to know the main Rules Of Conversation. The most important thing is to stay to the point and prevent unnecessary details. Stick only to those details that pertain to your own story.

The last thing you want is a long-winded conversation without any point. No one likes that, as it feels like a waste of time. Add value to a discussion, and you will be seen as a great communicator. 

Also, I recommend you avoid asking a new question until you answer the current one. It just ends up making the conversation more difficult. Try to stick to a single question, answer that, and then you go from there. As soon as you do that, things will be a lot better, and that’s the thing to take into consideration.

Is it Legal To Secretly Record A Conversation?

According to the Federal Wiretap Act, you are not allowed to record an oral, electronic communication, or telephonic conversation secretly, if the other parties expect it to be private. Of course, this will differ based on where you live and there are some situations when it can be allowed (by the police). But usually, it’s not allowed and also unethical to secretly record a conversation.

Rules of coversation
15 Rules of conversation that will help you out

What Are The Rules For A Positive Conversation?

As the name suggests, regardless of the tone and topic of the discussion, you always want to stay positive. Making sure that you stick to a positive tone will make the conversation meaningful for both parties. Plus, staying positive is always helpful, since you don’t get to deal with stress, depression, and many health issues. One of the golden rules of any conversation is to maintain a high level of positivity, as it will help you immensely in the long run.

Don’t Interrupt Other People

Do you like being interrupted when you are sharing a story or talking about something? Of course, you don’t, so why would you interrupt someone else?

One of the basic Rules Of Conversation is to respect other people and listen to them as they are talking.

Don’t interrupt unless you have valuable input. Otherwise, it will end up being a problem, and that’s something to avoid as much as possible. Not interrupting is crucial, and it’s totally something to take into account.

Taking some breaks, so others can share their input is better, and avoid interrupting someone else’s story as well. This way you will have better and more appealing conversations.

Avoid complex conversations when you don’t know the topic very well

Why is that important?

One of the main rules of conversation is to add value to the discussion at hand. If you don’t know the topic very well, or you lack knowledge, then it’s better to avoid the conversation or just listen. It’s better to do that rather than trying to discuss something randomly and not know anything about it. 

Start small and then go from there

For a lot of people, starting a conversation is the toughest thing they can do. But it’s also the most important aspect as well. The crucial thing is to use small talk and connect with those persons the best way that you can. Finding some common ground is really handy because it will spark new topics of conversation and remove any awkwardness along the way. 

rules of conversation
15 Rules Of Conversation That Will Help You Out 7

Be Polite

Even if you don’t agree with the things that person wants to say, don’t interrupt them or be too critical. Respect everyone’s opinion. They have different skills, ideas, and they might be right in their own way.

The main role of talking and conversations is to express ideas. Whether they are right or wrong, it’s up to you to decide, but you don’t have to judge in any way.

Pay Attention To The Other Person

There are a lot of people that just ignore what the other person is saying. This is disrespectful and not ok at all, so you have to address this problem.

The way you do that is, you focus on the conversation and nothing else.

Let’s take your phone for instance. Flicking through your phone and trying to complete multiple tasks at once, and so on, will not allow you to pay, full attention to the other person.

That leads to a bad conversation and experience for both parties. Come into the conversation with your full attention.

It’s always recommended, to come into conversations with an open mind.

A good conversation shifts gears, it becomes more interesting as people express their ideas attentively.

You always want to learn new things, so let other people talk, share their ideas, then you can share yours with the right arguments.

As soon as you do that, you will be a part of a valuable, insightful conversation because you were paying attention.

Use The Right Voice

Not everyone knows this, but having a deeper, lower voice conveys a sense of authority and power.

In general, people prefer voices that are smooth, rich, and warm. Few to no people like monotonous voices, so adjusting your pitch and knowing how to approach the conversation is incredibly important. 

What can you do? Lower the volume and slow down to emphasize a certain idea. You want to avoid speaking loudly or too fast.

Instead, focus on rhythm and intonation. As soon as you do that, you will find it easier to add value to the conversations. 

Try To Ask Open-Ended Questions

Why is this a good idea? This encourages everyone to join the discussion and share their input.

You’re not asking for an expert opinion or skills. As a result, the discussion is open-ended, and someone will be able to share their insights and input, which is great. 

These questions are the ones that will actually become some of your favorites because you can get some incredible answers. While it’s not something you want to do all the time, the potential can be great, since you can make conversations more interesting, regardless of who might be joining them.

rules of conversation
15 Rules Of Conversation That Will Help You Out 8

Clarity Is Key

One of the major rules of conversation is to have clarity.

Staying clear and to the point can help you immensely. Not only do you show exactly what you want to talk about, but you can also ask for ideas or input. On top of that, you avoid being very boring. 

Everyone likes a person that sticks to the point and avoids talking too much.

Your main focus should always be on clarity because long-winded conversations will have a negative impact. Instead, you want to entice people, to make you talk more.

The last thing you want is to actually talk more than others expect and not provide any type of meaningful value or insight.

Use The Active Voice

A mistake many people make during a conversation is they use the passive voice.

This means the object becomes the subject. The problem here is that as you speak, passive voice tends to make your ideas weaker, evasive or pedantic. With help from the active voice, you get to make your ideas stronger.

In addition, you feel a lot more direct. As we mentioned above, you want to have a sense of clarity, and sticking to an active voice can help you achieve that with great success.

Avoid Sticking To The Same Ideas And Topic For A Long Time

Instead of doing that, it’s better to just let go. Learning how to let go is essential since it helps breathe new life into your ideas.

It allows you to try out new things, talk about a multitude of topics, and so on.

If you see that your conversation on a certain topic is going nowhere, then just move on. It’s the right approach every time.

Don’t Exaggerate 

What this means is you should stay away from things like “the funniest”, “the best”, “the worst” and so on.

Say things the way they are. Then you can leave other people to judge what you say and create their own idea. After all, that’s what every conversation is all about.


Understanding the rules of conversation is very important if you want to communicate with others in a successful manner.

Sure, every conversation is different, but the rules presented above are very important, and they will help you connect with people a lot better than ever before.

Avoid exaggerating, misquoting, and remember to listen to the other people involved in your conversation. In the end, this will lead to a pleasant word exchange, and everyone will be happy.

I encourage you to start using these tips and tricks, as they can help take your conversation skills to the next level!

Thanks for reading! To share your thoughts or questions, drop a comment below.

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